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Why One Should Let the Travel-bug Bite?

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Life in this century has become quite fast-paced and to make sure that one does not miss out anything, the speed needs to be maintained. This constant tug-of-war between work and duty and the fear of not being able to catch up, makes one mechanical. It is indeed important to work or accomplish your duties to have a successful life. But, what is more essential is to strike a balance between rest and unrest.

If you truly wish to enjoy and celebrate your achievements, you need to connect a cord with your inner self. The best way to do so is by indulging in exploration of places and self.

Reasons to leave your house

  • Mental Rejuvenation: Amidst this unending hustle-bustle, travelling features as a much needed break. A stress buster that will keep you aloof from the constant constraining thoughts. If you are a workaholic and a holiday is nothing but waste of time for you, then, you need to change your perspective. From being in the same surrounding, the brain loses its creativity, so a change will be welcoming. It will offer you the space to relax and will rejuvenate the brain cells offering clearer thoughts. A small break will fill you with fresh zeal and will let you work more.


  • Physical Activity: In order to stay put in this race, you will need ample support from your body. You are aware of the saying that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, exactly that would be your case. Too much work will lead to fatigue which will take away your spontaneous capacity of working freely. So, if you wish to keep on working for long, then you need to learn to relax your muscles at regular intervals as well. A tour or trip will lead to change in environment which will force the body to adjust from the set routine. This challenge will increase your adaptability and immunity and definitely let you walk, roam, work out effectively.


  • Spiritual Awakening: A new place brings to you new possibilities, new opportunities, new beginnings as well as new insights. If you are truly seeking growth and development, then staying stuck in your comfort zone won’t be helpful. A trip towards unknown or even to your known place will give you the chance to experience something different. Exploring a place is not only about checking out the popular points. It includes planning and preparing about the tour, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and lifestyles. It also helps to explore within when you are far from your favorite corner.


Short Reminder:

Truth is, you only live once and the world is holding amazing things within it which worth a peek. A tour gives you that excuse to re-connect with nature, with your family and with yourself. So, whenever you are able to manage an off or two, plan an outing.

Be certain that the nature will never fail to surprise you with its myriad beauty. Just allow yourself a chance to admire and appreciate that; you will cherish it!

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