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Paris The Conclusion

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Paris the capital of France is the most popular city in Europe famous for the great Eiffel Tower and many historical places and it is also referred to as the city of lights. Paris has an estimated population of 22 Lakhs residents which includes both the local people and immigrants. Paris has an area of 105 square kilometers. Paris has been one of Europe’s major centers of finance, diplomacy, commerce, fashion, science and arts for centuries. Paris is located on the northern banks of River Seine. Only Paris attracts roughly 4.2 Crores visitors every year which makes it the most visited city in all over the world.

Paris France

What makes Paris special?

Paris referred to as the City of Lights or the City of Love, consists of rich culture, art, beauty, Church, Tomb, Palaces, cathedral, the biggest fashion shopping malls, designer galleries and history. From Monet’s Water Lilies at Musée de l’Orangerie to the almighty love symbol The Eiffel Tower or searching out the best crepes along the River Seine, Paris manages to attract the hearts of millions. Paris is also famous for its language, French is considered as one of the love languages and is also the fourth most spoken language.

The best time to visit Paris:

Well you can visit Paris anytime in the year as you’ll find different vibes and flavours of Paris in different seasons. Since this is a cold country so most of the visitors prefer summer which is from June to August and Autumn which is from September to December to visit Paris, however if you’re a peace loving person and don’t mind the cold then Winter is the best time for you and at winter the hotels are also cheaper and the roads are less crowded.


Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main international airport of Paris and if you’re on tight budget then you may consider Beauvais Tille Airport.

Budget and things to do::

Since the flights will cost different from different cities so I will exclude the flight fares from the budget however you can expect to pay roughly 25000 INR for one way for one person. 1 Euro = 89 INR approximately. For solo travelers the smartest way to save money would be to book a hostel which will cost around 2000 INR per night however if you’re a couple then hotels are for you which starts from 3000 per night. The best way to travel in the cities is metro, you’ll get one way tickets to ride up to 90 minutes which will cost around 180 INR however if you get a bundle of 10 then that will cost you around 1350 INR instead of 1800 INR, these tickets are not only valid in metro but are also valid in public busses and trains. The other option would be to rent a bicycle at 900 INR per day. Get a SIM at 1900 INR for 1 month validity. Tickets for Eiffel Tower will cost you 1300 INR for the middle and 2100 INR for the top, do remember that for the top you’ll have to be in waiting which can be more than 3 months. At night the Tower sparkles millions of lights which can be seen from every corner of the city. The night life is also different here, instead of partying in pub or clubs, people here prefers to sit outside with friends or partner and chat or have quite time but night clubs are there which can range from 2000 INR for entry. Wine in France is very famous and cheap compared to other drinks which costs approximately 1000 INR per bottle. You’ll get to meet people from all around the world here while socializing.

Day 1 check in to your hotel, get fresh, take some rest then go out just to walk and see through the locals, it’s absolutely fine to walk through the city, just make sure if you’re not sure of the language then remember the name of your hotel, have food from Indian restaurants if you want to save money.

Next day start your journey early to cover the most famous monuments in Paris, starting from live show at the Paris Opera, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, Grand Palais and Luxembourg Palace, which will cost you around 10000 INR per person if you choose to visit with a group in your hotel or hostel.

On the next day plan to cover the Royal fountains, gardens, Palace De La Concorde etc.

If you’re still on the city then must visit the worlds most famous museum The Louvre Museum which will cost around 1600 INR and to cover all the artefacts you’ll need months so cover as much possible in a single day, btw the famous painting of Monalisa is here.

Last day take full day rest and in the evening go and walk on the side of the River Seine.

In total for a couple for 4 nights you will be spending without flight: 60000 INR depending upon your lifestyle.

How to get Visa:

Visit VFSGlobal and submit the visa application forms with all the necessary documents and book an appointment. Visit the nearest visa application center or VFS Global to apply for your visa and you can track your application status via the website.

In the end Paris is a dream that can come true for some.

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