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Gangtok Saga: The Journey Continues

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As I had been narrating my tale to Changu Lake and how mesmerized I was, that it created a whole episode. So, moving forward, let’s continue with the rest of the day. As promised, we went back to the little local shop to pay the rent. They really have good collection of wollens and winterwears. And I really liked some of them. I went ahead to ask for the price and after huge bargaining got a sweater and a pair of gloves. But even after so much bargaining, the real shock came to me that evening when I visited the MG Marg, as things are cheaper there and you’ve got lots of places to choose from. But for the time being, I was really happy with my bargaining skills and thought myself as a pro. 

There was enough time left and I decided to go ahead and visit few more places. I visited Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok and Tashi View Point one after another. Ganesh Tok is basically a Ganesh Temple and Hanuman Tok is Hanuman Temple. The temple premises are calm and quiet and very serene. The mighty Kanchenjunga is visible on a clear day from both places. The Tashi View Point is a place from where travellers can get view of Mount Sinilochu and Mount Kanchenjunga.
All the three places have little shops filled with souvenirs but I suggest you all that if you need to buy souvenirs, then MG Marg Market is the best place for that. After this, I decided to visit some heritage monasteries. If you are in Sikkim and haven’t visited monasteries, then my friend, you haven’t had the essence of the place at all. I headed towards the Enchey Monastery. It is really beautiful, but since some construction work was going on, I actually couldn’t get the feel of the place. No humming prayers, no bells ringing, no chanting. My driver then took me to another Monastery which was the Phodong Monastery, where I actually experienced what all things were missing from the previous one. After spending some quality time there and after rotating the prayer wheels to my heart’s content I decided to move forward. I forgot to mention the Buddha statues of the monastery. I still have them captured in the camera of my eyes as capturing it by a real camera was prohibited. Monasteries have one thing for sure. The calmness. Anything and everything might go wrong in your life but a visit to the monastery can bring back the lost peace. Just looking at Lord Buddha or listening to the heavenly chants or just your mere presence can change a lot within yourself.
My next destination was Do Drul Chorten, a very famous stupa of Sikkim widely known for its approximately 108 prayer wheels. This, just like the monasteries mentioned above was very calm and serene. I again made myself busy rotating the prayer wheels and detaching myself from the hustle bustle of the city life and enjoy the paradise for 2 days. I was genuinely happy after a long time. Not because I achieved something or because something good happened. I was just happy with myself for nothing. That is what actual happiness is maybe and one must definitely come to a place like Sikkim to rejuvenate themselves.
My chain of thoughts were broken by my driver as it was lunch time. I thought of trying a sumptuous meal at a renowned restaurant of MG Marg but was really tired and headed back towards the hotel for rest. On reaching the hotel I ordered my lunch and got freshened up. I thought of lying on the bed for sometime, but took a good power nap instead. Cursing myself thinking that I destroyed the beautiful evening, I got up to find out I still had enough time to enjoy the evening. I rushed out after getting ready. I took a shared taxi to MG Marg, that took Rs. 20 in 2018 February(subject to changes in upcoming years). MG Marg is kind of a Mall Road just like other hill stations. It was crowded but not overcrowded. Every day to day necessity is available here. Prices are lesser than any other tourist point in Gangtok. I got some souvenirs for my family, friends and colleagues back at home. I also got some woolens for me and my parents, this time at a very low rate, as they have great collections and variety of shops to choose from. I was planning to have some food at famous eateries of Gangtok, but it was already 8 pm and it was time to return as in the hills people are early and to and we got alarmed by shops quickly closing down. I spoke to some travel agent for car rental for the next day, as I was unsure about the charges by our driver and thought it to be overrated. But the few travel agents I spoke to provided me rates higher than my present driver and hence, I decided to continue my tour with him as the next day was going to be very enhancing. I quickly took a shared taxi back to my hotel and had my dinner and went to bed. The dinner needs a special mention here as I ordered fried chicken, fried rice and chili chicken. The taste is good but is different from what we eat in the restaurants of the plains. They have their own exotic spices and organic vegetables which make their dishes different, also their cooking style which is bit unusual but there’s no compromise with taste.
The next day was gonna be long and interesting equally and hence, I had to get up early. 
For the next surprise everyone has to read my next story and till then I hope you’re eagerly planning your next trip.
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