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Gangtok Saga: Beginning

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This place was in my list from a really very long time. I have been to many places but this place was a mystery to me until that day. Very vague memories of childhood stirred my conscience of visiting this place as the first and only time I visited there was when I was 5 to 6 years old. And to relive those little memories better I woke up to a bright sunshine in the month of February to head to a very beautiful and picturesque Gangtok. With very less days in our hand I had to plan it accordingly. So I took a flight to Bagdogra and from there booked a cab towards Gangtok. There are cheaper ways to travel to this place, which are convenient as well but as I had lesser time, so I chose to reserve a car. After bargaining a lot I hopped inside the vehicle and started enjoying our journey towards serenity. With each passing second the landscape gifted us with its beautiful colours and fresh air that we miss back in the cities. It was very peaceful. The car ran across the busy roads but the air had something different in it. After going on for some time we entered Sikkim through Rongpo border. With little market places here and there and crossing hairpin bends the car ran towards the destination.

Tired with the journey, I fell asleep in the car. With cool winds caressing my hair, I woke up when the car stopped at a point to have some snacks. Filling the tummy with yummy chicken Chowmein and a steaming cup of tea, we ran through the mountains and conifers to our destination. It was getting dark and the weather was becoming very cold. The nearby mountains lit with numerous little lights from the houses. With sweaters and pull overs on when we reached MG Marg, the center of Gangtok, it was almost 7 pm and most of the shops were already closed as people in the mountains prefer being early to bed. Since our hotel was bit above the MG Marg, so it took another half an hour to reach there. It was really dark and I was too tired to know or see or feel what the place actually was which I understood the next day morning as a surprise in the form of a beautiful paradise. But for that night, I was tired and I just checked in to our beautiful hotel, ordered biryani, ate it and went to sleep. 

This was the ending of the first day to the beautiful beginning of the trip. But every ending has a beautiful beginning as well. Hence, the next day was more offering

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