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Gangtok Saga: Final Chapter

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The next day was very very busy day because today it was time to go back. Actually the Buddha Park opens at 9 am and after visiting Buddha Park, I had a plan to go Namchi for visiting the Temi Tea Garden and also the Chardham Temple. But to cover up all these places and then go to Bagdogra Airport to catch our flight back to Kolkata within 3:30 in the afternoon was really stressful. To add more to it, our driver warned us that there was some road construction going on and for that reason portions of roads were being temporarily blocked for long long hours. With all sorts of tension I packed my bags, got ready had some breakfast with cake and tea and headed towards the Buddha Park. The geyser in my hotel room was newly installed and the wiring was not completed. Result: no hot water again. I realised how lucky I was with geyser matters everywhere and this experience of mine has always made me check reviews and call the hotel prior to booking to check if they’ve working geysers . But I must say, unavailability of hot water made me freshen up faster than ever quickening my tour of that day.

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