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Bangkok – Phuket – Pattaya: Explore Thailand

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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is the most popular city known for adults entertainment and vibrant night life however this are not the only things that make Bangkok special, Bangkok has a lot more to offer from Sea life ocean, Tussad museum, Safari world, Marina Park, Wat Pho Buddha Temple, grand palace and many more. The city has approximately 1600 square kilometers in the Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand and has an estimated population of 11 million. As survey states that Bangkok is the most visited city in the world which makes it an extreme primate city.

Phuket on the other hand is the capital of Thailand’s Phuket Province. Phuket is famous for Patong beach , Tiger Kingdom, Phi phi Island etc.

Pattaya, a city on eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, known for its beaches. Mini Sia, Ripley’s believe or not museum, Sanctuary of Truth, Coral Islands are some of the beautiful places that Pattaya has in offer.

Bangkok Grand Palace

What makes Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya special?

Although adult entertainment, night life, partying are the hot topics but these cities have a lot more in offer from beautiful beaches, water parks, Museum, Sanctuary park, Historical places, Islands, culture and most importantly the diversity. You’ll get to meet people from all over the world and they come here not just for the hot topics rather to enjoy the aspects of this place.

The best time to Visit Thailand:

You can visit Thailand anytime in the year since the weather is more over the same here. However it is advised to avoid Monsoon.


Suvarnabhumi airport is the nearest airport for Bangkok, U-Tapao International Airport is the nearest one for Pattya and Phuket international airport is the one of you want to land on Phuket. However I would suggest you to start and finish at the Bangkok airport for more convenience.

Budget and things to do:

Flights from Kolkata is the cheapest from India to Bangkok since the prices always fluctuate so we’d exclude the cost of flights however you can expect to spend around 15000 INR for one person roundtrip. 1 Thai baht is equals to 2.44 INR currently, you’d get many currency exchange shops in Thailand and the USD is given more competitive prices so it would be smart to convert your currency in USD before reaching Thailand. There are also ATM machines all over the places but make sure to find out about the charges before you use your international Credit or Debit card. You can get your SIM card from the airport which will cost you around 1000 rupees for 10 days. From airport to Hotel you can go on a bus which will cost you at around 400 rupees or private taxi which will cost you around 2000 rupees. Hostels are safe here and starts from 1200 INR and the hotels will start from 2400. Take hotel near the Bangkok city.

On the day of arrival go check in, then get fresh and take some rest and in the afternoon if you have time then go to Sea life ocean then Tussad museum and in the evening enjoy the night life have food speak to people.

Next day you can cover Safari world and marine park which would be enough to pass the whole day.

Day three explore Wat pho Buddha temple, Khlong boat, Grand palace temple, Asiatique fun activities, Wat saket temple which will give you the vive of old Bangkok, Siam water park.

The three days in Bangkok would cost you around 25000 rupees for one and 40000 rupees for two person. Nana Plaza is the famous adult entertainment area, you can go on a group to check out the culture, it is safe. However do not indulge in any sexual relationship with the girls there as HIV AIDS, Harpies, Corona virus or Covid 19 and hundreds of other diseases can be transmitted into you which could be a lifetime of regret.

Day four check out from your hotel early in the morning start towards Phuket. You can take bus to downtown then change the bus to Patong beach Phuket in total around 700 rupees this will save some money or you can book a cab as well directly to Patong beach Phuket, take your hotel near the beach then go out to the beach and spend your afternoon till evening in the beach. You can rent scooter for travelling locally.

Day five cover Tiger kingdom where you can spend time with tiger and click photos. Racing kart is beside, if you are interested but this will be expensive. Go to Big Buddha for which is entry free and in the evening go to another beach nearby.

Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

On day sixth day book a boat for Phi Phi Island and or James bond Island and you can also enjoy Snorkelling in the sea.

On Phuket expect to spend around the same money for 3 nights which is around 25000 rupees for one and 40000 rupees for two person.

Day seven now let’s proceed towards Pattaya, Get a bus or cab which would take around 7 hours, book the Hotel near Pattaya beach and spend the evening in the beach.

One eighth day cover Mini Sia, Ripley’s believe or not museum, sanctuary of truth, art in paradise and finally Pattaya beach.

On the ninth day visit the cartoon network Amazon water park or you can choose Ramayana water park finally book a trip to Coral islands, snorkel is also available here and the next day get back to your country from Pattaya or if you have booked flight from Bangkok then get back to Bangkok and catch the flight.

The three days in Pattaya would also cost you approximately 25000 rupees for one and 40000 rupees for two person.

In total for 9 days including everything you can expect to spend 75,000 rupees for single and 120,000 for two people subject to lifestyle.

How to Get Visa?

Thailand provides Visa on arrival for tourists which would cost you 2500 per person for 15 days. On the visa on arrival counter you will get a form that you need to fill up and submit with the necessary documents. As mandatory you will need your Passport, return ticket within 15 days, hotel booking confirmation and two passport size photos.

This is worth mentioning that for Indian tourists Thai government waves off the entry fee of 2500 rupees if you travel between 15th November to 15th January.

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